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Teacher. Writer. Storyteller. Gardener


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In a cosy little home at the bottom of the Nottlegum’s garden, two adventurous young mice are growing up. Full of delicious delights and exciting discoveries, the garden is the perfect place to play and explore. But it’s not without danger. If they’re going to stay safe from an ominous presence and hidden dangers, they must heed wise advice and learn diligence.



We have a limited number of Nottlegum Mice Audiobook CDs! Perfect for children's gifts, Gweneth can even write a personalised note from the author!


*Contact Gweneth here to arrange author notes

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There are those who are extremely gifted in their vocation; those who thoughtfully and diligently apply decades of expertise and experience into their craft. Every once in a while, however, you meet someone who fits their vocation as if it had been dreamed up especially for them – just so they could fully express their entire being.

Gweneth Binks is both. 


Gweneth sees children the way they yearn to be seen - she sees to their core, their beauty and potential, and naturally helps them notice and celebrate their best selves. She searches and calls out the gold inside each one, especially those who are often overlooked. Her unique gift in understanding the heart and mind of a child seems to draw them to her like a magnet. Whether students, grandchildren, or a child she’s just met, she genuinely believes in and champions these little ones in a way that resonates with their hearts and speaks into their identity. 

She is a born storyteller. Gweneth’s ability to draw people in with her words complements her deep desire to enrich the lives of all those around her. She has a rare and fascinating ability to connect with people of any age through her warmth, her empathy and through beautifully crafted storytelling.


She has a passion for language development and expression as well as a natural ability to seamlessly weave deep learning experiences into her stories. She has passed onto many children the art and craft of creative writing both as a teacher and a gifted author.  


Her love and aptitude for writing is perhaps a result of her insatiable love of books from an early age. Growing up in country Western Australia, she became a primary teacher following school and has since worked with children for more than 3 decades. She and her husband have three grown daughters, and live in the northern suburbs of Perth, WA. When she’s not teaching or writing, you’ll find her gardening, reading, op-shopping, repurposing teapots with plants, or having fun with her 5 grandchildren.


"You will know Gweneth by her contagious laugh, kindness, constant creativity and zest for life"


"Gently nostalgic and heart-warming in its simplicity"

- Anne Hamilton, Author

Winston spotted her first from his lofty perch above the customers. Until the first moment he saw the old lady, he had never thought of leaving the little gift shop at the top of High Street. Coming through the door, she entered his life, changing it forever. 

So begins a journey, rich with simple pleasures: cups of tea in the garden, music and children's laughter. However, when Winston's world changes he must learn to overcome his fears. The special bonds Winston forms with the old lady's children and then her grandchildren, reverberate down through the years and eventually he discovers he has an important role in the family that treasures him.

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"Winston wondered if there was something he could take with him from his 'today' into his 'tomorrows', something of greater value than daily brews, poured from his curved spout"

Workshops + Author Visits

As a qualified teacher of over 30 years, Gweneth offers great expertise in specialised writing workshops with primary aged students. Using a work package she has developed to be used alongside the Nottlegum Mice audiobook and eBook, these workshops can be run with Gweneth by appointment, or with another teacher. Workshop packages can be specifically designed around the needs and requirements of the school group participating.

Gweneth can also be available for Author Visits and has received excellent feedback from schools in this regard. Please enquire via the Contact Form below or email Gweneth at

"I just emailed to say how much Aidan enjoyed her visit, stories and what he learnt from her."

- Parent

Workshops + Author Visits



"Beautiful book! I can't stop reading it! Thank you so much."





Thanks for contacting Gweneth!

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When she's not writing or teaching, you might find Gweneth re-purposing pre-loved teapots, teacups and jugs, the perfect homes for her little plant beauties. They make great gifts - contact her to find out more about her current collection, located in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.

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